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Down Gondola!'s Journal
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Wednesday, February 6th, 2008
2:25 am
In lieu of a journal entry, a letter . . .

When Alystromaeus offered to let me come and work for him to absolve my father’s debt, I thought my life had taken a turn for the incredible. I had visions of myself becoming a wizard’s apprentice, dreams of learning to harness the strange and secret arcane powers of the world. I was certain I finally had an avenue of escape from the mundane life of a tailor’s son.

If I had known that this would be my escape, I might have reconsidered and taken the needle over the wand.

Since he turned me into this wretched creature, I’ve found almost no peace. Anyone who gets the barest glimpse of me tends to drive me forth from his village with rocks or pitchforks. Gahm, as it turned out, was subtly different. I wonder if I would yet be hiding there, had I not managed to drag Tat home and nurse his wounds, and then be dragged into his headlong and foolish attempt to “down the gondola” as he put it. I’m not sure what to make of the story he told me: something about an important gnoll by the name of Eth-Kade having his feet cut off by a lord, and now the other gnolls are trying to bring down all governments in name of Eth-Kade? It seems foolish to me, but it’s incredibly difficult to reason with someone who thinks that his home is a whore.

In any case, no matter how ridiculously backwater Gahmish people are, I’m sure I would have been granted a fair trial (or a trial, at least) were I still passably human. Though I must say, I never pictured myself being burned alive at the stake. It’s usually a punishment that the clerics of Ruhamon use upon heretics, like leaden crowns and quartering.

But I digress. Tat and I managed to escape, by some stroke of luck (since my strange transformation, I find myself less and less able to credit any god with anything) and the help of that strange half-elven girl Rabhas. I was unaware that elves had green hair, but I can’t imagine such a backwater village would have ever seen dyes. We also encountered a gnome named Bidwell who, despite my initial worries, turned out to be a help rather than a hindrance.

We’re in Yan now, and tomorrow we’re heading to Peridone, though we’ve yet to agree on a route. Personally, if the rumors Bidwell has heard about impending war between Peridone and Emerndale are true, then it would be certainly safer to circumvent Emerndale altogether and go west through the Iridion Plains, and then north, and back east over the mountains. I’ll have to talk to Bidwell about this in the morning; he seems like he has had his share of traveling.

I managed to procure a better weapon than that old quarterstaff I found—as luck would have it, Yan has a bowyer. While I didn’t have enough gold for a bow, after a good while of haggling, the bowyer and I managed to come to an agreement—a trade, of sorts. Yan has no tailor, and the bowyer had been keeping some very fine cloth as a surprise for his wife; unfortunately, he had no one to turn it into a dress for him. I daresay since my time spent with Alystromaeus I’ve become a better tailor—I don’t think I ever before wielded a needle so deftly.

I’ve also tried to learn more about my companions. Rabhas reminds me greatly of you, though something tells me she wouldn’t be so quick to bash me over the head with a stone rolling pin, then use my shoulders as a stepping stone to retrieve the pies she was baking. Then again, I could be wrong.

You might even like this bizarre new form of mine, insofar as you could mock me for it. You always did say I needed more color. But once again, I digress. Bidwell seems to be the most worldly among us, though I may be wrong as it is nigh unto impossible to tell what Tat does and does not know. I’ve managed to ascertain that he read a book and it made him stupid, though, as he puts it “I saw a hat and I shoe.” He seems to know some common, but his vocabulary is scrambled. This is what I’ve managed to decode thus far:

Saw = Read
Hat = Book
Shoe = Stupid
Whore = Home
Gondola = Government
Duck = Dog
Bit = Bird
Tasty (pronounced “tass-tee”) = Tasty

There may have been more, but I’ve forgotten it now. I’ll have to keep better notes.

I don’t know if I’ll actually send you this letter, Idonya. I thought about coming back home after I escaped from Alystromaeus, but I was afraid. I was afraid that I would be shunned, or that Alystromaeus would kill my family if he found they were sheltering me. That is why I hesitate to send you a letter now. If I forge a link between us that he might find, I have no way of knowing in what dangers I might place you. So I hope you understand, and if he tells you that I passed away when I don’t return from my work, I hope you’ll see it as a lie. And if I don’t see you again in this lifetime, I hope that you live a full life without me; that you find someone else willing to grin and bear it when you hit him over the head and climb on his shoulders.


Sunday, February 3rd, 2008
8:34 pm
journal entries!
I forgot to mention! Anyone who wants to write journal entries (one per in-game day) for their character will be awarded bonus experience points. Our party's current exp stands at:

Bidwell: 1,200 (level two)
Kalei: 1,100 (level two)
Rabhas: 1,200 (level two)
Tat: 1,350 (level two)

Current Mood: cheerful
Monday, January 21st, 2008
1:21 pm
Races of Tarpheran
Hey ladies and gents, I thought I would give you all a post detailing the races and species found in Tarpheran. I'm only going to detail the races found in the PHB, though, as I just down't have time to go into changelings and aasimar and svirfneblin and what have you.

Humans - Humans are the predominant race of Tarpheran, and are responsible for building the country up from the loose city-states of its past. All of the leaders and almost all of the subjects of Tarpheran are human.

Elves - Tarpheran is very thinly forested, and so almost no elves are native to Tarperan. Those who are inevitably come from Anoryn Vale. Elves from different parts of Ideisquen do visit Tarpheran, however, and most commonly are found in the northern cities of Peridone, and cities along the Sanaedin Sea, most notably in Feshk and the Three Cities area.

Half-elves - As elves are uncommon in Tarpheran, so are half-elves. They feel equally out of place among human and elven kin, and so often take up a wandering lifestyle, or move to a large city where they can lose themselves.

Dwarves - Dwarves are common in areas of Tarpheran close to the Rannish, Philet, or Jahenan mountains, and are especially common in areas where the three ranges meet. Dwarven smiths, jewelers, and traders can also be found in mountain cities such as Lensid and Gastol, and in large trading areas such as the Three Cities, Feshk, Jaharn, Pynoth, and Carthin.

Gnomes - Like their dwarven friends, gnomes are most common in areas around the mountains, though they can be found in almost any large city in Tarpheran.

Halflings - The halflings of Tarpheran reside in the Iridion Plains, largely in the city of Darch and surrounding villages. However, caravans of halfling nomads and traders can be found almost anywhere in Tarpheran.

Half-orcs - Orcs are found most commonly in northern Peridone in and around the Rannish mountains, and in northern Emerndale in and around the Jahenan mountains, and so these are the only areas where half-orcs are found. Half-orcs very seldom venture into civilization, and those who do are often treated harshly by people who view them as monsters.
2:06 am
Game World Info!
Our game takes place in the country of Tarpheran, on the continent of Ideisquen. Tarpheran is ruled by King Fandon the Fat, and is divided into five provinces:

Emerndale, which Fandon rules from the capitol city of Feshk.
Darnash, which is ruled by Duchess Nainta of Astor.
Cemorth, which is ruled by Duke Hanarvick of Harrn.
Xiquor, ruled by Mad Baron Zeguy of Welash.
And Peridone, ruled by Lord Alystromaeus the Magnificent.

There are two areas in Tarpheran which are not considered part of any province, they are:

The Three Cities. Mehat, Coryth, and Lyvern all sit at the delta of the River Essel, where it meets the Sanaedin Sea. The Three Cities is an area rich with trade, both from all over Tarpheran and Ideisquen and the world beyond.

Anoryn Vale. This small, thickly forested, and secluded valley in the Philet Mountains has little use for the outside world, and the outside world seldom bothers it. The villages of the vale are small and scattered, and the people of the vale trust no one, not even each other.


Our game begins in the tiny village of Gahm, deep in Anoryn Vale. Gahm is a small village with only nine or ten families, and a population of 54. Each family owns at least one goat, and there are several swineherds. There is a communal smithy, well, and potato field. The people of Gahm, like other vale people, are suspicious of outsiders.

Your character must either be from Gahm or have a reason to be in Gahm on the day of the game (ie, passing through, lost, traveler, ect). Conversely, a character who lived his or her whole life in Gahm and was suddenly swept away would be quite interesting.

Here are some maps for you!Collapse )
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